Tuesday, March 24, 2009

$3M Minimum to Over $1B Private Funding Source Available for Your Real Estate Development Projects {US-based or Worldwide}

Our organization is a comprehensive consulting firm specializing in project development and strategic lending solutions for developers and investors within the commercial real estate sector. Through strategic partnerships with private investment groups and lenders, we can offer unlimited capital investment opportunities for qualified projects within the United States and throughout the World. We can secure funding for large-scale commercial projects ranging from a minimum of $3 Million to over several billion including Commercial, Manufacturing, Mixed Use, Condominiums, Multi-family, Fractional, Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Oil, Coal, Other Energy, Master Planned Communities, Residential Developments, and Humanitarian projects. We prefer projects that are LEED certified and if they are not, we can assist on developing your project to employ a LEED-centric business model. Additionally, our private capital sources desire the significance of your project’s influence on the socio-economic impact on the market including work-force generation, social services, housing, infrastructure development, and socio-friendly environment.

We are currently accepting projects which may qualify for a JV partner with one or more of our private capital companies. Since we are a direct lender, we require that you be the principal or be direct with the project principals. In addition, the client must initially submit:

•Project Development Business Plan

•Executive Summary on Principal Bios

•At least a 5-Year Pro Forma

•Complete & sign the fund-specific reciprocating Non Disclosure Agreement

This is 100% financing and fund fees will apply to the client upon approval. If you are in need of large-scale, individualized funding and feel you qualify for one or more of our programs that we can provide, please send me your contact information at rfermin@lcicommunities.com and I will contact you to discuss in further detail our project funding requirements.

How to Find Conventional and Alternative Real Estate Funding Opportunities? - It's Still Out There, You Just Need to Know Where to Look!!!!!

Where do you find available funding for your commercial and residential real estate development project financing needs? Who is lending on real estate with the credit markets frozen up? Where are reliable capital sources you can rely on particularly if you are ready to lose your current real estate development project because you cannot debt service it anymore or you are acquiring land “pennies on the dollar,” however, you cannot find the right real estate funding source because they are not investing in real estate opportunities? Where do you turn if your funding source is no longer available or they will not be available for another 90 to 180 days?

The real estate bust has many commercial and residential real estate developers and builders scrambling searching for viable funding options to meet their debt servicing needs that are about to mature on current projects that are owned or opportunistic acquisitions of commercial and residential development projects in which real estate companies are acquiring at “pennies on the dollar” through real estate-owned projects of banks or institutions who in the past invested heavily in acquisition, development and construction lending for commercial or residential related projects or other capital sources or providers such as hard-money lenders, hedge funds, private equity, mezzanine, and joint venture partnerships. Idealistically, valuations have played a key role in the demise of commercial and residential companies as a going-concern because of the lack of financing to fuel their appetite to continue to develop and construct their project which chances are were acquired at higher values and injected with higher construction costs of labor and materials during the hay-days of the real estate boom. On the other hand, the collapse of the real estate market has brought opportunities to acquire, develop and construct commercial and residential projects at a costs basis, not seen since the late 1970s to early 1980s. Combining a lower land basis for acquisition on land with lower direct and indirect development and construction costs, provides a tremendous opportunity to “pencil” a commercial and residential developer’s end-state in today’s market environment. That is, whether a lower lease opportunity in the commercial arena for big box tenants or a small to medium size business in a Class A building or an affordable housing opportunity for a homebuyer, commercial and residential real estate companies can re-set their business model at attractive rates and pricing of their products.

The underlying issues for both situations has been access to capital providers who have access to the appropriate conventional and alternative funding a commercial or residential real estate company is searching. In today’s market, finding a centralized funding environment is key to the success of commercial and residential development companies. The days of “word of mouth” are slim to say the least. Many of those capital funding providers have also gone belly-up like many real esate development companies because of the past real estate investments that were made by those funding sources. Today, time is of the essence for real estate developers to identify key sources.

Commercial and residential real estate developers, homebuilder, or real estate investor seeking conventional financing or alternative “out-of-the-box” financing to capitalize challenging real estate projects particularly in today’s market can join professional networking group such as Global Capital Sources for Conventional and Alternative Real Estate Funding/Financing on LinkedIn.com who share the same interest and passion such as the real estate market. Here at Global Capital Sources for Conventional and Alternative Real Estate Funding/Financing, commercial and residential real estate companies can find a multiplicity of capital providers who have access to conventional lending programs ranging from institutional and banking, hardmoney, and mezzanine to alternative funding including venture capital, private equity, offshore funding, humanitarian funding, credit enhancements, structured investment vehicles, sovereign wealth funds, alternative-centric financing, collateral funding such as Medium Term Notes, Stand-by Letters of Credits, Bank Guarantees, Corporate, Municipal and Junk Bonds, CDs, Life Insurance Wraps, Collateralized Debt Obligations and Mortgage Backed Securities, trade platforms with proven traders from Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America and the US, investment banks, hedge funds, joint ventures and top 100 of the world’s largest banking partners. No forum exists such as Global Capital Sources for Conventional and Alternative Real Estate Funding/Financing group on LinkedIn.com in the global real estate market where you will find at your fingers tips access to thousands of individuals who can provide funding solutions for your commercial and residential real estate development funding needs like this group. With the capital markets stalled with the credit crunch, finding real estate funding opportunities can be a challenging search. By bringing together real estate developers and capital funding and financing providers together in this centralized forum, the probabilities of successfully closing a real estate transaction in today’s environment is extremely high because the real estate funding need of a real estate developer is aligned with a capital funding & financing source that has direct access to available capital.

Joining the Global Capital Sources for Conventional and Alternative Real Estate Funding/Financing group on LinkedIn.com is free to register. Bring yourself closer to accessing capital providers who have immediate access to your real estate funding needs.

Reported By:

Rod Fermin

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